Marmaris is an enchanting island that is located along the Turkish Aegean Coast with a wealth of indoor and outdoor activities to try while on a sailing holiday. To have the best experience during a summer sailing holiday, sea footwear and casual summer clothes are advisable aside from the wide brimmed hat and trendy shades or fab sunglasses.

These are the outdoor activities and attractions to engage with while on a sailing holiday in the brilliant island of Marmaris.

Kiz Kumu

If you can spare a day to come to Marmaris be sure to check out the Kiz Kumu or also known as Girl Sand. It has beautiful bays and beaches. Kz Kumu also has interesting view on these routes and a signature statue along the water. Swimming and sailing on the sea is a much better experience and you can really walk in the middle of the sea; bring a good pair of water shoes.

Pinar Horse Safari

The Pinar Horse Safari is a nice trip with a very pleasant setting. Prefer the day end tour to avoid the hot weather and better enjoy the beautiful light. The horse riding experience can be a bit expensive for the time to walk of 1 hour and 30 minutes but the staff is very efficient and provides a fun and pleasant rhythm all together. There are good horses to ride aside from having a good swim on its clear waters.

Watersports Marmaris

The Watersports Marmaris is a well developed outdoor facility. So throughout this boardwalk are various firms in which you can take bikes or ATVs to ride on this one of the longest quays or try water sports. The most exciting is the flight on the parachute and such a flight will cost you $ 50-100. Also here you can ride a jet ski, boat, banana, or tablet.

Marmaris is considered one of the world’s longest promenade for about 14 km. Naturally, all of the outdoor activities in Marmaris are not cheap, but it is all worth it! If you choose Marmaris in your travel itinerary, consider the three outdoor activities mentioned above to have a meaningful sailing holiday in Marmaris.