Better Preganncy

When you are pregnant, it is vital to stay organized. This can be done in a number of ways but making a list of things you need to do to ensure a healthy pregnancy is a good start.

Folic Acid

Happy to know that you are becoming mom of my child!


Folic acid is a chemical which every pregnant woman needs in order to stay healthy and keep their baby healthy and strong too. It is best known for preventing spinal problems in the fetus. Although plenty of folic acid can be found in the diet (green vegetables, bread and cereals) you may find supplements are a better way of guaranteeing intake just check with your doctor first.

Stomach is Sexy – Get Flat Abs

Antenatal Classes

Get educated about what to expect when giving birth, different techniques and advice for making birth much more comfortable and for socializing with people that are going through the same thing as you. Have any questions about your birth answered at these sessions and get plenty of healthy tips for pregnant women from professionals.

The anticipation

The thrill of Anticipation


Keep in mind to stay active as this reduces the risk of birthing problems, prevents premature birth and will also help getting back into shape after birth much simpler. Don’t overheat and don’t do exercises where falling can be a risk. Try yoga or swimming!