Breast Enhancement

Until a few years recently, breast enhancement or augmentation surgery was the only way for women to bring about an increase in their bust size. However, today this is not the case. Now there are several alternative methods to enhance the female bust. One of the most preferred of such methods is breast enlargement exercise.

How Do Breast Enlargement Exercises Work?

They are not actually exercises of the breast. The female breast is not muscle; it is just a collection of glandular tissue and adipose fat, which cannot be augmented by any sort of exercise. Hence, the exercises for enlarging the breast actually work on the muscles of the chest below the breast. When these muscles, called the pectoral muscles become firm, the bust size automatically is improved.

Some Effective Breast Enlargement Exercises

The following are some effective chest exercises, which can help vastly to improve the quality of the bust:-

(i) Lie on your stomach and stretch out your toes. Now bend your elbows and place your palms on the floor. Taking care that the entire palm is touching the floor, lift yourself up slowly. Your palms should be in line with the shoulders and the mouth should face upwards in the final position. Hold the stretched position for about 15 seconds. This must be done 10 times per day.

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(ii) Assume a kneeling position and stretch out your toes as much as possible. Gradually lower your head till your breasts touch your thighs. Then stretch out your arms in a straight line till your forehead and palms touch the floor. Keep this stance for about 30 seconds.

(iii) Lower your body to the floor till your outstretched arms touch the floor. Keep your body in a straight position. Then begin push-ups in this position. During the push up, the body must slightly buckle at the hips when going down; but must be straight when lifting up. 10 push ups a day should suffice.

(iv) Lie flat on your back on a rigid surface such as a bench or the floor. Buckle your knees. Hold a pair of lightweight dumbbells and then raise your arms skywards. Stretch your arms to the maximum limit and then bring them down to chest level. Repeat 15 times per day.

Breast Enlargement and Yoga

The enhancement of the bust is deeply covered by yoga. There are several yogic asanas which deal directly with the improvement of the breasts. Some of them are mentioned below:-

(i) Vrikshasana – Stand in a relaxed posture with your spine held straight. Keep your arms at the sides and your feet together. Slowly raise your arms and bring your palms into a namaskara in the front of your bust, stretching your elbows as much apart as possible. Then lift your right leg till its sole touches the left knee. Maintain this pose for 1 minute.

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(ii) Suryanamaskara – A portion of the entire Suryanamaskara helps tremendously in chest expansion. Stand and stretch your arms towards the back over your head. Bend away from the waist very slowly and gently. Keep the arms separated. Inhale while doing this. Then bend forwards with your arms still outstretched over your head. Continue till your fingers touch your toes. Exhale while doing this. Do this for about 10 times per day.

(iii) Ardha Matsyendrasana – Sit with the legs together and outstretched. Then bend the right leg and place the right heel on the other side of the left leg so that the right ankle touches the left thigh. Keeping your hands on the floor, twist the body towards the right. Then place your left hand at the right foot. Turn the face to the right and bring it in line with the right shoulder. Repeat the exercise on the other side also.

Precautions While Doing Breast Enlargement Exercises

(i) It is extremely important that you must be comfortable while doing these exercises and not exert your body too much. Some exercises may be dangerous if performed wrongly and could lead to permanent defects. If in doubt, perform the exercises under supervision.

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(ii) Use loose clothing such as sportswear. Restricting the body’s circulatory flow during exercise is quite harmful.

(iii) Perform exercises in a properly aerated and ventilated room. Open the windows of the room you are exercising in; or better still, perform the exercises in the open air.

(iv) Do not perform the exercises if you are unwell or are suffering from some kind of body pain or cramps. Even if you are plain tired, give exercising a break.

No exercise can provide immediate effects. It is necessary to be patient with methods such as yoga. However, after a period of time, such as a couple of months, you will start feeling better about your body and this is the time when the results will begin to show.