A BMX bicycle is easy to maneuver as it is light in weight. It is an extreme sports ideal for fitness and BMX is designed mainly for high intensity riding and short distance. Thus, activating several minor and major muscles is essential to ensure proper handling.

The major muscles are the glutes composing your buttocks area and this has the functions extending the hip. Action performed by moving your thigh while riding a BMX is helpful. The quadriceps is on the thighs front and these muscles also get activated on performing knee extension and hip flexion. Moving your thigh to your stomach implies hip flexion and knee extension is on straightening your legs.

The hamstrings on the thighs back also activate the muscles when you are on a BMX and you flex your knee and extend your hip. On bending and moving up your knee the knee flexion occurs.

The ab comprises of the rectus abdominis, the large muscle, the transverse abdominis, located inside the stomach and obliques positioned outside the rectus. These three muscle groups work forcefully as you jump and pedal on a BMX.

Calves at the lower leg back function while riding a BMX. Biceps muscles, erector spine and triceps also function in extending the elbows on a BMX.